"I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you in with loving-kindness. I will build you up again and you will be rebuilt...and go out to dance with the joyful." - Jeremiah 31: 3-4

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I feel the rains down in Africa...

We spent some more time with the Neema girls today. They're incredibly sweet. It's hard to believe that not long ago most of them were selling themselves for twenty five cents on the streets. I'm just praising God that they were able to have an alternative to that lifestyle.

We just got back from down the street where a young British woman and her Kenyan husband take care of over 20 abandoned babies. SOOO CUTE! I'm going back there as much as I possibly can when I come back here for three months in the fall. They're up for adoption and if I was in any position to adopt a kid right now, I'd be bringing on those bundles of love home with me right now.

It's been really nice knowing that I'll be coming back in a month. I'm not so sad when we leave certain places because I know that I'll be able to see the people or the places again eventually. It's been hard for a lot of the people in my group because they hate leaving the children's homes. They know that chances are they will never see them again. I consider myself lucky to have an oppurtunity to come back and spend more time with everyone.

Okay, time to read and possibly take a nap during this African rain storm :)
It's been raining a lot, and it's kinda chilly sometimes. It's winter here and they dress like it's -15 degrees. It's hysterical, because it's actually around 75 most days. They seriously wear winter coats and hats and the kids are bundled up like they're about to get on a plane to Alaska. It's too cute.



  1. Hi Steph,

    I'm so proud of you and so excited for you! God is doing amazing things in you and through you. You are so blessed to be there and God is using you to impact lives in ways that you can't imagine. I can't wait to see you and hear all about your trip when you get back. I can feel your joy through your posts and it's awesome. I'm praying for you. Continue to find your strength and rest in the Lord. Love you!


  2. Hi Stephanie,

    It's mom and dad.

    We love your posts and are thrilled that you are loving Kenya.

    We always knew you would want to adopt one day:)

    Praying for you daily and know that God is taking good care of you.

    We miss you and your beautiful smile.

    Cannot wait to see your pictures. You'll have to make a scrap book and bring it back to the children to see.

    We LOVE you honey.

    Mom and Dad